We've quickly established ourselves as one of the leading names in contemporary trend-lead men's denim. At DML we pride ourselves on providing signature fits, fabrications and washes to the consumer. We've cemented ourselves as industry leaders in developing ecological manufacturing processes as well as embracing new production technologies that make our denim a cut above the competition.

Our jeans are designed with the man of today in mind & are manufactured conscientiously, ensuring the world of tomorrow does not pay the price. We believe great jeans should be guilt free.

Proud of our Manchester heritage, we take design inspiration from our Northern Roots. We aim to strike the perfect balance, embracing new trends but never compromising our core design philosophy of creating versatile, high-quality men's denim. Our sustainability initiative does not start & end with developing environmentally friendly production processes.

Our key design principle is to develop jeans with a timeless feel so that you will be wearing them for many years. When we say "Denim Made For Life" we really mean it.

Founded in 2011, DML is a relatively young brand; however, our denim expertise spans far beyond this. We've been working with denim for over 20 years owning our production facilities. This allows us an unrivalled level of transparency & control. From the picking of the seeds to the sewing of the seams, we're proud to craft our denim on our terms.